Monday, June 18, 2012

Pre-21st-birthday Stress

Am I bring silly or what? But I have to be honest, I am so freaking stress about the arrival of my 21st Birthday (by the way, my birthday falls on the 13th of July). 

I've never really celebrated my birthday like for real with birthday song and cake kinda thing (the last time I had a cake, I was primary 3). It has always been a simple dinner with my girlfriends follow by rounds and rounds of drinks sponsored by the very lovely club which I was representing at that time, Butter Factory, Zirca, etc. 

But since it's my 21st, I thought it will be nice to celebrate this significate year before work etc kicks in. However, I have so much concerns and there too much planning to do and blah this and that, it's really stressing me out. :( 

I've been procrastinating for the longest time ever. I'll just brush is aside whenever my girlfriend asks anything about my birthday. And worst thing, she has been asking about it for the past 1 month! What I want as a gift, where do I want to celebrate, who am I inviting. Blah. Yes. Even thinking about what presents I want was stressful. 

I mentioned about not celebrating my birthday 29million times and everyone thought that I was insane. My biggest concern is actually the location and if the guests will turn up or not. Awesome locations are expensive and if many people cannot make it then it'll be such a waste yes? And other concerns like if I should hold my party on Friday or Saturday, what themed party should I have, what food and drinks should I prepare, if guests going to feel awkward, what if it isn't fun. :/ Ohmygod, stressful much. 

Okay. I shall think tomorrow. 
Overload for now. 


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