Saturday, March 31, 2012

022512. Helipad

Yet another clubbing night picture entry. My life is super happening, I know I know. TYVM. :) But then again, I know it gets a little boring and repetitive as it goes. Always the same few faces and always that same few poses. I'll try switch it up in the future, meanwhile, just enjoy these!!

Dude on the extreme right with the 'peace' sign is Jude.
He is Ian's (dude standing beside me) younger brother! 

That cutie there is YuenMan. (Forgot the extreme left guy's name)
And we're all from Mayflower secondary school. o.O!

Le Girlfriend. I like how our fingers flirt. *shyface*

XinYi, le girlfriend, myself.

Come come challenge helipad's 5-10 queen!! *me*

Love this picture! Didn't know we're wearing the same colour!!

See that almost empty bottle of Sarongfly (Heli's signature cocktail)?
I finished that, and hence the gastric problem.. Nah. I was just supporting my left boob.

Yinkee! I love how she looks super korean.

I shall end this post with a ghostly candid shot of me.

Tata you peanutpuddings!

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