Sunday, April 1, 2012

You. I. Black n' White.

We went on a 3D2N short trip to Genting, along with a group of girls from her clique first week of March. 2 countries in a month. I know right? Though they aren't expensive countries (M'sia and Thailand), I feel super pampered!! And of course, super happy that I have ample time to spend with Canny. These were taken in the coach on our way up. Will blog about the Genting trip soon!

Oh by the way, it's April Fools today. And thank goodness I am not in SG. I hated April Fools. I find it a waste of time, and extremely childish. (Actually I just don't know how to play a prank on others and always kena fooled year and year.) 

And before I forget,
Happy birthday Celeste Chen!

(funny to be born on April Fools Day. Teehee. lol)

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