Monday, March 19, 2012

One night in Helipad. :)

If you haven't noticed, I've been Helipad-ing very often recently!! Heehee.

I have to admit that Helipad is really quite fun for my bunch of girls and I. The bosses and the party promotion company (Elevate) have been super generous with my guests and I. Feels like a VVVIP. Love it! :) The boss gave me 13 bottles of their signature cocktail "Sarongfly" the night when these pictures are taken!

For those who don't already know, Helipad is situated L5 at The Central @ Clarke Quay.
Which is the building directly outside CQ mrt station.

Check out this link for directions to Helipad!


I don't need to introduce any further, am I right?!
But just in case you people are still OBLIVIOUS to how loving this sexy bitch and I are.
She is my BFF, Vivian!!! Nights are always freak fun when she's around.

This is Canny.
Yes, she is a girl.
Yes, she is my girlfriend.

Sheryl (white), Kat (black).
They are Vivian's friends. :) Nice girls, but they hardly club. :/


OMG I absolutely LOVE this picture.
I know I look damn ugly, and best part, I know I often look like that. HAHAHAHA.
Best candid everrrrrr.

Jocelyn: Bend forward and let me spank your ass.
Vivian: Okay. *gigglegigglegiggle*

I look like a midget, period.
Yep, they were the topless boys I took pictures with at Avalon.
Though fully clothe, still looking cute. (But if I have to choose, I still prefer them topless :X )

BoYuan, TSY, Eileen, Tracy, Ben
(Random, BoYuan and TSY are siblings. Do they look alike?)

And that's Shanice beside me. :)

Max: That funny looking guy.




Naomi Liu.
She lost alot of weight eh?
Reason: She contracted hand foot mouth disease. LOL!! Machiam kindergarden children. Hahaha. Glad that she has recovered!

*standard TSY on dancefloor pose*

I'm at Helipad most nights (Wed, Fri & Sat).
Guestlists are always open for girls! Just mention or DM me on twitter, @hnyhnybkdham.
And I can bring guys in only if they are accompanied by girls. (2guys = 2girls, 5 guys = 5 girls,...)

And of course, all girls are welcome to join in my table!!
Don't ever be shy! I am super friendly. I don't bite, I lick.

See you in on the coming club night!!

(will be updating y'all in the upcoming promotions, so stick around and be wow'd)

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