Wednesday, March 28, 2012

031612. Helipad

I really love how Helipad has become the hang-out spot for my new friends and I. From my previous Helipad post, it's obvious that I am in good terms with the bosses eh? Hee! Helipad's awesome hospitality is what draws the whole group of us back nightly.

For a change, I went helipad with really little makeup that night.
So, pardon me if I look a little tired. 3 - 4 nights of clubbing weekly is no joke! But no one is to blame, I love the nightlife, love the club scene! :)

This is Esther. Such a SWEET YOUNG THING! Look at that smile. Aww!

That Shiyun in the middle, and Cassandra on the right.

I LOVE this picture!!
I put my money on the table that she was cheating on 5-10!! Or was that my 'geh siao' face??

And we went on to play 3-way 5-10. Saw our faces? Laughhhhs!
TSY lost about 5 times in a row!

Ladies in black.
(Shiyun, Sabina, Esther, Cassandra)

Keisha and Canny.
It's so funny that Keisha used to stay in the exact same block as me! Neighbour!

TSY looking girly + Keisha behaving manly.

And here's a super haggard looking picture of myself, with Xinyi on the right.

Okay, and one girl-on-girl kissing shot, and we are done!!
That's all from that night!

Look me up either from Facebook or Twitter if anyone of you need guestlist for Helipad!
Have a great week ahead! TTFN!

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