Thursday, March 29, 2012

030712. Helipad + Avatar

(p.s. This is a scheduled post, I should probably be in Bangkok by now! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for live updates of my BKK trip!)

I have so many pictures taken from Helipad, and I am starting to be lazy to think of blog entry titles for these posts. So y'all will be seeing many entries with such titles >>(mm/dd/yy. *insert club name*

And so,
this is yet another night at Helipad, and SADLY, I was having a bad hair day. zz

That Kylin in the middle and Emily on the right,..
and their friend with a champagne glass. (I've forgotten her name, omg)

I knew Emily from way back!! 
Omg, those 16/17yo Boat Quay days before I turned legal.
My group of guy friends used to frequent a bar that she waitresses in. So it has been 4 years since I last met her!! 
It's nice to know that we remembered each others names!!

Keisha being manly again!!
She can pass off as my girlfriend in this picture. Look at me leaning towards her embrace, NATURALLY.

"OMG, your eyes are finally not PAH JIAO!!!!"

"Not really, still PAH JIAO"
LOL! This is Ian, from my secondary school. He insisted that his eyes sometimes PAH JIAO in pictures due to his previous eye infection. Righttttttt...

And last picture from Helipad was taken with Sylvia!


_*From this point on, pictures were taken in Avatar*_

So Helipad closes super early, 3am. So it's habitual that I will club hop since the night's still young.
So, I went over to Avatar that night, where my girlfriend and other friends were.

Cassandra on the left, and Yifeng (Evon) on the right.
I miss Yifeng SUPER much. We used to work together in Avalon (before the mgt screw the system up and many of us left).

I love it when she looks girly.

Ended the night with a picture with Jacey Carina! :)

That's all, stick around for my next post!!
Bump me up for gueslist entries into Helipad and/or Avatar(weds).

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