Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shine Youth Mascot Parade

Hey all!
I will be working for SHINE Youth Mascot Parade on 27th Jun 09, (this coming Saturday) 3.30pm.
[I know it's obvious from my cropped banner from the official site.]

Anyway, I will be wearing outfits from IMMORTALS ONLINE for the Mascot Parade. So, I will be representing one of the 4 races. Diety, Dragon, Demon, Human. I think it'll be so dumb to dress up as human =X. Unless it's some hot human, otherwise, it'll just be - me, like myself as a human being, human. Blah.

It will be the largest public showcase of Movies/ Games/ Anime/ Cultural mascots. They are trying to break Singapore Book of Records with the largest turnout of dresses characters in a single location. I saw the plan for the show already, there will be Kurobara Lolita GL fashion parade, and Kurobara Dollfie showcase!!

Lastly, it the CRUCIAL and MOST IMPORTANT part for YOU to be present at this event. It's the BABESTAR Boothbabe Contest. (Okay, I know, it sounds so rtard. But that's how they like to call it. ) There will be 6 contestants, and I am 1 of them! So, do bring all your friends down to vote for me!!
[P.s. Ultra in need of cash, so just let me win alright? Lol! The winner gets a cash prize! Goodie!]

So, photographers, you are in for a good shoot!
If you are interested to shoot for the event, you will need a Media Pass. I will be able to get it ready for you provided that you,
  1. Let me know your confirmed attendence by Friday afternoon.
  2. Full name, contact number and email address.
  3. Allow the pictures to be used in a 100page magazine featuring this event (you will be credited).
  4. Vote for me*.
[You wouldn't have to queue up for the passes then. As, it's limited, and it will be a pity if you can't enter the "Passes-only-area". ]

Sweet and simple. =)

Family and Friends!
Please bring your family and friends down to this event to vote for me in the BoothBabe competition! The competition will start after the parade. So, stick around alright? =)

I need your support! Furthermore, you can take pictures with all the other mascots!! (1000+ if I'm not mistaken. Crazy I know. Big event!! ) You will definitely have fun. So, don't skip this!

Keep your Saturday free!
Mascot parade starts at 3.30pm! Don't miss it! =)
[Remember to charge your cameras!]

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