Monday, June 8, 2009

Battle Of The Year 09'

[23rd May]
When it all started.. =)
Thanks to the invitation from Joel, I got to witness BOTY 09.
Btw, that's Hong10 from Korea (above). Apparently, it's a VERY BIG THING to be able to stand beside him alright? Though I don't know who the hell, or how dope (lol) he was at that point. I decided that it was no harm snapping a shot yea? And when I searched him in youtube, he is dope shit!! (lolll!! ) Aiya, main point, he is like a star in the BBoy world. =)

Anw, though the crew that I am supporting wasn't the winner, they were the runner up. But I thought they were awesome. Ah wells, =) . It was a great experience for me. Totally looking forward to next year's BOTY. ^^

Floor Technique Crew

(P.s. Joel, look, you are closer to Hong10 then you really were. My editing. Heh! )

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