Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just leave me alone. =(

I am totally kidding alright? Laughs!
What am I feeling? Confusion I would say. Or plain denial?
Give my poor soul a break, I was simply searching an outlet for comfort's sake.
Goodness, if only one person were to be given a chance to rest, it would be me. Freaking self-centered, yes. But hey! I'm so tired! Mentally and physically. Groans. So much of wanting to rest well for the whole of yesterday, work and society didn''t permit!
But please leave me some grace.
Though we kept moving at a different pace.
Got to drag my tired ass out of my house to a crash course for wine tasting. The thought of it still makes me wanna puke. Yikes! Too much of anything is never good. Tried hard to stay compose all the way till I got home. Then, kionk, as I dropped dead on bed for 1hour. Then the stupid headache kicked in, leaving me awake till now. (12am till 8.33am)
Was it absence that I'm feeling?
Or it's just the emptiness that'll never fill?
It's weird how my body reacts to alcohol. I'll have the strong urge to sleep (for a while), and wide awake after waking up. Ehh, hello body, wrong time, get back to sleep!! I wish. Pimples are freaking appearing due to lack of sleep! Remember that I didn't sleep 2nights ago too? Urgh.
Just once and for all.
Can't sleep now either. Sulks.
Leave this incorrigible soul to sleep.

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