Friday, June 19, 2009

Give 'em some attention please!

I have 2 cute guy friends participating in 2 different competitions. Well, one is on a bigger scale, while the other it's a small scale competition. Nevertheless, give them your support! (Be it you think that they are hot/cute/charming/talented etc, just cast them your vote alright?)

Cute guy 1: Kenneth Gilberto [Blog]

Bet most of you know 超级星光大道 from Channel56 yea? Apparently, my friend here have the chance to compete with them (Season 5)!! Amazing isn't it?! Anyway, it's down to 20 finalist, and I'm not too sure how many will get the chance to fly over to Taiwan, that's why we got to vote! =)

Vote for No. 4 - Kenneth Lim Pei Rong
Like, one million time a day? Thanks huh!!

Cute guy 2: James Aw Yong

He is running for the Watsons Friendly Face Award! Please cast him your vote! (Just help even though you might not think that he look friendly alright? But, no doubt, he is charming yea?)

Watsons You Awards - Vote
Watsons You Awards - Vote
Watsons You Awards - Vote
Vote for F1
As many times as you can yea? (Don't know the limit)


(P.s. Just realise James's picture is really huge! Too lazy to edit! zz!)

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