Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ahh.. Please don't scream at me for the lack of updates. My laptop is on a sick leave,.. that's why.. Anw, short update. School has started for 1 week,.. And the next week, it'll be full swing,.. with all the lectures and tutorials classes. This semsester is rather important I heard. Hopefully, I don't need to struggle through. Lmao.

I hate to blog using anything other than my own laptop.
So, pardon me alright?

Oh, by the way, Nana and I decided to change our study room into a Pretty Room. Like a walk-in wardrobe kindda stuff? With all our clothes, shoes (okay, my shoes), bags, makeup, etc in there. I wanted it to be pink and furry like Xiaxue's Princess Room, but Nana refused.!

Hopefully we can get it done in a months time. And we can show you. =D

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