Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Honeyhoneybakedham photography - presenting Umeko

Heh heh! My photography! =)

I went for a photoshoot yesterday, and during the breaks, I played with Umeko! She's my meimei ^^. Anyway, I am no pro photographer, and this is solely for leisure (I am using phone camera lo!). So, if anyone wants to give bad critic, please don't be so harsh - shy face* Don't hurt my feelings horrr.

At the cafe ^^

Cam-whore de Umeko!!

And last 2 pictures with flash =)

Damn, I am starting to love dolls ALOT. Which is not really a good idea when dolfies are so expensive! Umeko was really nice to me, and she allowed me to pose her so well!

Shooting and styling dolls are so fun! They are like,.. perfection (well, almost.. since they are not alive).
So, it all boils down to the photographer's creativity, and visions to make them come alive. Wahh, loving it! ^^

Lastly, I got to really thank Nick for allowing me shoot Umeko! =)

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