Thursday, April 16, 2009

Short update..

Omg, I can't believe it! I've been SOO lazy about going online,.. To update, to look through my new pictures, to blog.. Though using the laptop is about the same, but I just miss my laptop. Aww.. I should be receiving it by the end of this week, but apparently not. Sulk.

Anw, holiday is going to be over in few days' time. Argh.. School school school.. We got to know our classes last night.. Thank god I am in the same as Jiahan. =D At least the very least, somebody in my clique is still in the same class as me.

Will be going to school from mummy's on Monday, and then back to Papa's. Come to think of it, everyone must have missed me so much from my 1.5mths of abscence. =/

Can't believe it, I am still so sleepy after a 1hr nap. Yawn.
I'll blog more when my lap top is well again. I prefer those flat keyboard more than the 3D destop ones.

Ah, my shoulders are so tired. Bye!

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