Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My youngest brother's first composition.

Ah, don't think you can see it. Remember, everyone uses pencils when they are primary 1.
It's okay, I typed it out.

Ivan Kau
Tuesday, 7th April 2009

Writing 1

My Pet

I adopted a hamster as my pet. Its name is Lele. It is one years old and it is a male.

Lele likes to sleep, play, read and write. It likes to drink milk. It likes to eat seed and berry.

I need to bath Lele and cut its nails. When it is sick, we will bring it to the vet.

I will bring Lele to the park. We will play and exercise together. I love Lele very much.

(Click for a larger view)
And his illustration that came with the writing.
The hamster lives in a kennel!!

Laughs!! It's so funny when little children made mistakes for the first time. It's like they are so young, and simple.. haha, I was giggling so much when I first read it!

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