Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random update

Argh, when's my laptop coming back to mama?!
Goodness gracious, it's been 2 months since I last touched it, misses!!! =( It's 3weeks into a new year in poly, and laptop is THE MOST IMPORTANT gadget! Read : The most important. Sob. Putting leisure, fun and entertainment aside, it so need it for school!

Now that my so-very-reliable Zhihui is not in the same class as me, the school websites are the next important source. And, it sucks that I can't access it as and when I want. =( So many missing lecture notes, and so many unattended e-learning lectures. Gosh.

My missing laptop is like a set back for me! Argh.

The me in cyber world is like dead or something without my laptop. zz. Lesser jobs, un-updated portfolios.. =/ Argh! I am so going to call the service center tomorrow! This sucks.

Other than the whole w/o laptop saga,.. every other stuff is pretty okay. Every other thing exept this one thing that's bothering me - Mothers' Day. As y'all know, Mothers' Day is arriving soon (this coming Sunday). So be honest, I don't feel like returning home at all. I feel that it's not ready for my mum and I to meet. I don't know about her, but, I am certainly still angry about what ever that happened. Shocked me that I actually felt this way (not feeling like returning back), because I thought I was alright already. But the thought of returning was rather depressing. I'm not ready. Too angry. As in honest, emotional anger.

Okay, putting the whole Mothers' Day thing aside. I miss Rayner. And I will be seeing him tomorrow! Yay! Bought a T-shirt for him on Monday from Desigual. Hope he likes it. I thought of buying one from AX, but Derek insisted that it looked "Beng". And the one he chose was ugly to me. Tough choice. Heh! Ended buying the one from Desigual.

Looking forward to my weekend with him!
I felt so bad that I couldn't accompany him last weekend. It was a rare long weekend for both of us, but poor me got to work - the entire weekend (including Friday).

Thought of going clubbing this Saturday, with my school mates and stuff. But seems like they aren't the party animal kind. Laughs. I might just rent some DVDs, and accompany my darling boy. Feel like we have alot of catching up to do.

Alright. Ending here! Goodnight people!
Let's hope that I can get my laptop back by next week!
Have a great weekend!

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