Friday, April 3, 2009

Book Review - Betrayal by Karin Alvtegen

I should be sleeping now, (it's 3hours past bedtime), but since I am having this imbalance in me since I finished reading this book in the early afternoon of yesterday,.. I must as well blog about it now. =)

As the title suggests, it's betrayal.
Something that can happen so easily, and yet so destructive.

I don't like the idea of this book. =(
The story made me feel so uneasy, so uncomfortable, and there's a imbalance within me that made me frown whenever I have minutes left vacant. Which means, the author is good. She is successful with her story tellings.

Upon finish reading the book, the happenings at the ending gave me goose pimples, and left me with distaste. It made me want to scream the FACTS to the people involve. It's the sense of helplessness all of a sudden on my part. It's like, watching everything happen right in front of my naked eyes, but I couldn't do anything, as I was sealed in a transparent sound proof container.

Maybe my imaginations were so vivid and uninterrupted, giving me such a vast reaction.

Betrayal is something so wicked, and attractive.. Urgh..
I can't even explain this smashed up thoughts and feelings within me! Stupid book. I certainly don't want anything of that sort to happen in my life. (Don't be alarm, there's nothing to do with Rayner, and our relationship. It's too much ample time to digest the book causing this swirl..~ )

So, why am I blogging about things that I can't really convey?
Cause I am trying to iron things out, but it's not working!

Damn, I should stick to novels that end the convention way. (Well, maybe not, but not THIS TRAGIC). Argh, I think I am a soft person at heart.. Either that, or the author is great. First time in my life, I get such a drastic reaction to a book. Gahhh...!

Once again, it's Betrayal by Karin Alvtegen.

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