Monday, April 16, 2012

030112. Genting trip!

Went to Genting with my girlfriend and co. earlier March. Here are the pictures!!

We were freaking exhausted from the event at Helipad night before, and we had only 2hrs of sleep before we head out to Golden Mile. But damn excited as well, as it was the first time that we went overseas together. :)

Finally get to try the 'famous char kuay teow' at Genting bus terminal.
So much about the rave, it taste so-so only lor. I prefer mega spicy + oily + with eggs kind of char kuay teow better!

This was in the morning of Day2. Canny was trying out the 'Dong1 Ji4 Lian4 Ge1' (winter sonata) look by wearing my jacket. lol!

That's the bunch of us, together with my very luscious full head of hair, thankyouverymuch.

LOL! I remember this scene. Damn hilarious.
Felicia (right) was helping Serina (lady w shades) to capture a candid picture of herself drinking water, so she can Instagram it. And FYI, Serina almost bottled half the bottle of water cos the angle wasn't right in the first few shots!

*love this shot!*
Though it is a negative demonstration (smoking bad for health and all), it's quite artsy right?
Don't smoke people. It's no good.

How on earth did I manage to look so old in the previous black and white shot, and look like a kid here. Amazing.

*FA* *MI* *RE* *DO*

There was a black out at the fast food restaurant. Damn lame.

Canny's nose machiam plastic. Wtf so high? -.-

Canny has the skills to take natural + nice looking candid shots of me lor.

Group shot.
TSY came with us as well, but she was sleeping. -.- And we all suggested that we need to photoshop her in. lol.

Anyway, Canny fell sick midway, so we didn't meet up with the rest. Boohoo.

But it was really nice for both of us to hangout, HTHT, parktalk. Sweet. :) Though we just came back from Bangkok two weeks back, I think we need a short getaway again. Totally pampered! Heh. I think I am going to make it a point to go overseas once a month. Live life to the fullest!!

That's all from Genting!
Stick around for my next posts. :)


  1. hows the oyster taste?

  2. omg that is the taste of pus*y silly girl... you turned les?

    1. ER, I've never tasted an oyster taste pussy. Unlucky you! LOL!!!!