Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yes! She's finally legal.

Yay yay yay! Though a little back dated, but I am duper happy that she's legal. Like finally. :) Not casting away the fact that I'm indeed a little older than her, but her being underage really highlight the differences. So, after painstakingly waiting for 3 months. VIOLA!! Calls for a huge celebration!

You guys confirm guessing what gifts I got her yes? Nothing special. I am not a very creative person when it comes to gifts. I booked a room with an awesome room for a 1N stay at MBS to count down to her 18th birthday with her :) And, brought her to Bangkok for a 5D4N holiday!

So, pictures pictures!

This is the upgraded room! Super spacious compared to the regular rooms.

Bought 3 tiny ATAS looking cupcakes from High Society for her.
Thirty over bucks for these tiny pastries. Overpriced yes. But the strawberry shortcake was such a treat to my taste buds. WORTH IT! The other two was just meh.

So apart from celebrating her 18th birthday with me. She had a 'come-make-me-drunk' kind of birthday celebration with her friends at Club Shake.

Entree photo: Us drinking a Flaming Lamborghini.
I think she had 5million of that flaming junk that night. There was some really sick promotion, so both Flaming and Graveyard was only selling at $15!


Tracey, TSY and I being silly.
We were outside the club, planning a 'surprise' for the already drunk Canny. Directed by her boss of course. It quite funny to me that they do that every single year, the same way, well, with a different girl this time. Ahhaha, but whatever rock their boats.

So her friend took a video. Pardon the quality but go watch it!!
It's damn hilarious how she don't recall having a cake, and that she was upset the next day saying that it's so odd nobody sang the Birthday song for her. -.-

Awww, so love! :)

I sometimes wonder about their relationship. LOL.
BROMANCE level: Canny + TSY

See that very awkward looking me?!
She kept tugging onto my hair. Same spot, 5 million times. :( Gaowei max.



Read that sentence above?! Hahaha! So that line was intended for me to read, but whatever, I gna post it! So, Canny had enough of the haitus on my blog, so we had this pact going on where she helps me with posting the pictures into Blogger. And..

For everybody's info,..
She was hysterically drunk. Period.
(There are videos, but those are for private collection. lol) 

So, that's all for now.
And hopefully this post can be posted sucessfully. It crashed freaking 3 times while I blog this. :/

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