Monday, April 9, 2012

Omg, where's the girlfriend?!

Hi people. How's Monday treating you? Wonderful weather now, and the rain has just stopped. It's 3.20pm in the afternoon and I have nothing much to do. :/ Oh shit, I'm starting to lead a mundane life. No way!!

You see, my girlfriend just took up a job. So, this is the first time where she is 'not availale' for me. Since the start, we'll either be physically together, or we'll be chatting on the phone until I have something important to do. Now that she has something to do (work) at majority of our awake hours, I need to start getting used to diverting my attention to things that I've put on hold for the longest time.

Things to do:

  1. Get my IC done
  2. Dye my hair. (I'm still thinking about the colour :/ )
  3. Take up a driving license 
  4. Take M5, M9, HI certificates
  5. Collect my Diploma certificate from TP
  6. Buy a queen size bed
  7. Blogging more frequently  
  8. Meet up with my friends 

That should be all. Gna to meet my best guy friend Derek for movie in a while. Though I miss my girlfriend already (it's insane as I just met her last night, but we're only together for 3 months, it's called the honeymoon period), it feels really good that I can once again start on with my life which I put on halt for dating, love and all those silly things. :) 

Alrighty, I got to get going! Have a great week ahead!

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