Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shuana's BD celebration.


This darling girl invited me to her birthday celebration few weeks back.
It was held at Club Sabai Sabai.
Most of us was either high, or drunk.

This is Shuana and her extremely cute birthday cake.
How sweet of her friends to prepare this for her!
Cake made out of macaroons and gummy bears.
Like the culture of all Thai Clubs,
you are suppose to down 5-10seconds of neat on stage.

Believe it or not,
that's the only picture I have of Shuana and I.
She was busy being a good host.

P a r t y !

it is not about where you party;
but who you party with.


To see the rest of the pictures from this album, 

Once again,
Happy Belated BD to Shuana.

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