Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Advertorial - Doubl2m

Do you girls love contact lenses?
Contact lenses are considered as essentials in many girls get-up.
Be it coloured, circle lenses, and what not.
It's a simple touch that can make you 
sultry, sexy, cute or innocent 
depending on the type of lens you wear.

Today, I'm going to introduce this shopping site to you!

They are currently running this awesome package on their site.

The star of eye enlarging contact lens will have to be 14.8mm XCM-series!

The black and brown lenses are from the 14.8mm XCM-series.
The owner of this site is really dedicated into bringing the best to everyone.
She actually purchased several lenses from other sites and manually measured the diameter of them.
She confirms that 14.8mm is the largest lens available in the market,
the rest are all gimmicks.

These are the ken casing that will be given with the purchases.
This is such a smart idea!
For many of you (myself included) that have many pairs of lenses,
it's way easier to find the lenses to suit the look,
now with the see through casings.

Enough said.
Want to see the effect of 14.8mm XCM-series lenses?

I wasn't even wearing false lashes!
My eyes aren't ZOMG large by nature.
Amazing yea?
Oh, did I not mention that these are 1-year lenses!?
Cost saving to you girls who need glasses.
(p.s I have perfect eyesight. Hehh!)

So, what are you waiting for?

(p.s. Double2m has a anti-fake lenses forgery checking system. So you are sure to get authentic goods!)

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