Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hey, you're on camera!

Just a few weeks back, I was hired for a studio fashion photoshoot!
It has been a while since I last did studio fashion.

Having done a wide array of different types of photoshoot,
I find studio shoot the hardest.
There are lesser things to play with,
and trying to focus not to repeat the same pose more than 5 times in 200+ shots is tough!

Though the lighting skills of the cameraman is put on the line during studio shoots,
many a time, in fact all of the time,
the model is expected to produce fantastical pictures.

Heh, it's stressful alright?
Many people thought that modelling is the easiest job ever.
But it's not.
(Though I agree that the mollar is indeed many many.)

Glad that I'm back on set after taking a little time off.
Enjoy the pictures.
 (Pardon me if they aren't amazing ya. Am a lil rusty. Bleh.)

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