Monday, February 22, 2010

Voting details are out!!

The competition to win the Motorola DEXT has commence!

And voting will stop on 26th Feb 11.59pm.
So I'll only have a short few days to ask for votes.

Before reading on to the nitty gritty details of the competition.
Click [ImSocial_GongXiFaCai - Jocelyn Kau], and [Like] the album.
(P.s. I think you need to join the group first!)!/imsocial

(Alternatively, you can click onto this picture to enter the album!)
Other than [Like]ing my album. 
Don't forget to kept uploading and tagging your own pictures in the ImSocial wall.
To stand a chance to win a Yatch Trip for you and 10 friends!


I shall share some of the pictures here. =)
 Haha. I think I was really cute to think of this.
It was 2 days before CNY and look, the mandarin oranges are still in their plastic bags.
(maybe I should copy paste the caption of pictures from the album here..)
-High skilled action of balancing 2 oranges and camwhore with a touchscreen phone. Give some credit yaaa..

 -Today is the first day (eve) of CNY. Going over to mummy's. Huat ah!
 [Note that everything was mobile uploads. So the captions are real time too!]

 -That's my younger sister, Angela and our outfit of the day. Thanks to my big bun, otherwise I'll be shorter. Haha.

 -That's papa and 肉 ming. We're going to grandma's for lunch.

 -Few of the cousins are afraid of dogs, so there was no choice but to make Baobei share a seat with me. He is so dark. >.< Thank god for the yellow top, otherwise he'll be lost in the picture. Lol.

 -Mummy, Daddy and Ivan.

 -Wahlao. What kind of angle is that!? I look so fat. Lol.

This is the most important picture of all! Haha!
 -Many many many money. Lol. All my winnings from my friends and boss from HSBC. Heh.
I started with $32, and it got up to $540. Sick man. Whoohooo!!

There are many many other pictures from the same album.
Read all the captions ya, and you'll follow me through my CNY. =)

To see the rest of the album, click :  

[LIKE] the album alright?
And I promise more frequent daily mobile uploads of me after I win the phone!

 Friday night would be the last night to vote!
Spread around and let your friends know about it!

And, if I really win the phone,
I'll post up my latest modelling pictures.
It's been quite awhile, I know. =)

Just a teaser for now.

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