Sunday, February 28, 2010

And afterall, everything else is anti-social.

Hiphip-hiphip horray! =]
I'm so glad that I won this competition.
Yay yay, a brand new Motorola DEXT is mine to keep!

Special thanks to my sarporkers from EDMW.
I believe you guys generated alot of votes for me, judging by I don't know alot of my voters/likers.

And of course,
Many love for 285 of you people!
Really awesome to get so much votes within such a short period of time.

The runner up is Melissa Toh.
218 votes.
It was a pretty close fight, I would say.
And the funny thing about Facebook voting/liking is that, you can actually see who voted for you.
Best part is that, people you know will appear in the exposed name section of the [like].

And the 2nd runner up is Melissa Blair Tan.
45 votes. =]
I am s o j e a l o u s of her height!
Pretty person with a lovely character.
Such a pity that she has work the entire period.
That explains the reason that her votes are a bit lacking.

Anyway, from the front wall page of the ImSocial fanpage. Quite a few of Melissa Toh's friends mentioned that if it's a competiton about looks, she would have gotten first place. Well, I don't feel exactly elated reading those statements, and I definately don't understand the reasons for trashing it out with looks.

But, I don't look exactly 
h e d i o u s
d o i ?


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