Friday, February 19, 2010

Damn, it's time to return the Motorola DEXT

The period of the loan of the awesome phone is over! How sad. :( I can only own the phone full time if I were to win the competition! Let's hope I win! No no, let's hope you guys make me the winner! Haha. After using Motorola DEXT for the short 5 days, I really do fall in love with MotoBlur. It's the programme that the DEXT is running on.

Uploading pictures and status is just a touch away. It really live up to the title of being the Social Phone. Other than the ease of uploads, it syncs all messages together! Meaning Twitter replies, facebook mails, your personal emails and the SMSes are all in one ______ (I don't know what is the technical term, but it's all in a default application thingie!). Talk about the ease and efficiency of usage.

And, all of the applications are FREE. There's no need to pay nor to jailbreak! But I couldn't find the classic MJ. Hmm.. Let's hope that I really get to win the phone. I'll have millions of mobile updates!! Wahahahaas..

If you guys are interested to get your hands on this mighty social phone, go to Singtel! They are the exclusive distributor of Motorola DEXT!

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