Monday, September 12, 2011

Cossy's Transformation of Dream Looks - OFFICIAL TRAILER

Hello dolls! 
Hope this week started off well for you! :) I'm not too lucky though, I'm sick! The haze, dust in the air all, is terrible! Sore throat, flu, fever. I'm such a poor thing right? I know.
*sad face*

Anyway, here's a little something to share with you!
A couple of bloggers was invited to participate in this awesome Cossy Transformation tutorial/competition thingie. I am not too sure if the rest of the bloggers have blogged, but yea! :) Here's the sneak preview if you haven't seen!

There will be a Facebook [like]ing competition where the full video of me doing my makeup will be revealed! (Did I not mention the prize is SUPER AWESOME?!) But that will be the later part so, here's just the appetizers before we get the main course going.

I gna tell you more at the next entry, so stick around!

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