Thursday, September 1, 2011

Breakfast together, anyone?

(Credits to LengKeong)

Good morning sleepyheads! Hope you like this picture :) Many were asking about the theme of this shoot, well, here you have it! Despite the lacy outfit, and the thought provoking location, this isn't that kind of trashy lingerie shoot that you often see models doing. I would say this is much tasteful. *selfpraise* But of course, the skills and careful execution of the photographer played a huge role as well.

I'll post more pictures from this set 
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  1. If this is what I see everyday first thing in the morning, I'm never getting out of the bed! XD

  2. If this is what I see every day first thing in the morning, I'm never getting out of the house for work. XD

  3. Jocelyn, I agree..Tasteful and yet sexy..too bad I don't shoot lingerie or implied anymore..otherwise u are the top in my shoot list, lets just do outdoor fashion....haha

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments.

    @Derrick Dpgrapher, I saw your pictures. I don't do that kind of 'lingerie' shoot that I see in your portfolio. Email me if you want to engage me in fashion photoshoot, I'll let you know my rates. :)

  5. Yes Yes. 1 set honey baked ham with kopi-c please.

  6. Oops, your eyes look so hungry! Wat r u think of??? Wish I m there to make breakfast and banana shake for u!

  7. Your description of the photo says it all. Well done by both of you!