Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Advertorial - Your Wonderlands

Halloween is one and a half month away! 
Have you decided on your costumes? I certainly haven't! I am spoilt for choice! :( 

Anyone remember what I was during last year's Halloween?
Hahaha, it was EPIC. Best halloween ever.


Hahaha. Okay back to topic, Your Wonderlands (YW)!
They are selling pre-order DollyWink cosmetics as well as costumes for halloween.

YW is selling DollyWink items at a much cheaper than price than Wastons! If you are a fan of Dolly Wink, don't miss this out!! What more can you bargain for?

There is a wide selection of halloween costumes at YW's page, here's just a few.
Air-stewardess - S$35.90

Modern Kimono - S$35.90

Army - S$35.90

It is really a great idea to purchase your halloween costume instead of renting one from those shops at Haji. Rented costumes are stinky, expensive and often don't fit (and you can't alter it). Go to YW to find your Halloween outfit now!

Yours Wonderlands
Yours Wonderlands
Yours Wonderlands

Yours Wonderlands will be having two upcoming fleas, check them out!

23th -25th September at Expo
28th -30th October at The Grand Cathay

Leave a comment telling me what I should wear this year!

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