Thursday, September 8, 2011

081211. Kbox with Poly-mates.

Hello. A super quick photo entry (I'm in office now). :)
So, I've mentioned sometime back in Facebook that I was suppose to be working at SOUL for a champagne event but didn't go due to some dishonesty with this particular person in their marketing team. (Yes, I am still upset about it. Will not work for SOUL everrrrr!) 

So, instead of heading down to the event, I met up with some of my poly schoolmates for a short get-together Kbox session. Before I share the pictures, I have to say Kallang Leisure Park's Kbox sucks to the max! Please, if you can help it, NEVER go there again. 

They gave us the TINIEST room you can imagine (and there was 8-9 of us). They came in to check if there were any additional people every 15minutes. They want me to pay $30 (I was the latest person who arrived), and only allow me to sing for 20more minutes. WTF. It is just plain terrible. Oh, did I not mention the lousy sound system and mega small screen? Even my office desktop screen is larger than their TV! zz. 

Alright, enough for the mid-day rant. lol.
Here are the pictures! :)

That's it! :)
Next entry will be more pictures for the hotel shoot!
Wait up!


But before I go, I want to share something that was sent to me last week!

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