Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh no oh no!

I am suddenly super depressed. Well, not suddenly, like suddenly. But yah. -__- I randomly measured my waist a while ago, and I realised that I am 1.5inches wider than what I used to be few months back. :( I have been taking my 3kg weight increase super lightly. Stuffing myself with food and all, neglecting the thought about exercising and dieting. Damn. I am not only thicker on the measuring tape, heaving on the scale, but most importantly, I am freaking unhealthy as a whole. Omg.

That 1.5inches on my waist is the final straw. I am starting my dieting and exercising regime on Monday. This is not good. Not good at all. :( I am quite disappointed that I allow myself be so "unkempt". I need some serious maintenance man. 

And damnit, I need to blog more more more.
Urgh. I think I am becoming uglier and irrelevant now.
Damn, I think I am undergoing some inferiority complex and some insecurity pangs. 

I gna sleep now. Sob.

(p.s. I am not saying that I am fat. I just prefer myself to feel healthier.) 

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