Friday, July 15, 2011

Essensuals Bugis!!

I am very lucky to be approached by Essensuals Bugis and to be sponsored by them! :)
Most of us (excluding lucky girls with awesome healthy non-frizzy hair, I hate you :(( ) have an endless string of hair woes that we want to combat, and another endless list of hair desires we want to fulfill. 

I told my hair stylist that I wanted my hair to blend with my extensions, to be less dry, my hair roots to be coloured and to go rich and dark.

I have always been a fan of darker hair colour. Not exactly black, but rich browns. I've been dying my hair using Liese chocolate brown once every 2 months since my previous salon ended their sponsorship with me, but DIY hair dyes never lasts! The yellowish tone in my hair really irks me (my hair was previously bleached), especially in photos. And I have to painstakingly decrease the 'yellow' in all my pictures. 

I trimmed my hair and tried their Macadamia Nut hair treatment a couple of days before this hair dye session. My hair was really brittle, so I wanted to nourish them before the chemical invasion! My hair was super processed and needed something stronger than the Macadamia nut oil. I wouldn't recommend that to people with very damaged hair.

I was really happy that my hairstylist Wayne really kept my hair length, just as I wished. :D I get really annoyed whenever hair stylists shorten my hair without my approval, or when I said 2 inches max, and they cut 5 inches off. 

But rest assure, Wayne listens. And did I not mention that he is funny and easy to talk to? :) And I love his quirky dressing style, you'll see..

See the yellowish tone in my hair? Intolerable!
Yellowish hair is not appealing at all. It makes the person looks sick and unkempt.
No no no!

The black roots were dyed first.
This picture makes me look like I have forehead and nose implants. It's the angle!
I am always teased for looking like the Luo Han fish (esp during the luo han fish + 4D craze).

The mirrors reflect each other. Which is super awesome!
You can see what the stylist/colourist is doing to your hair through the opposite mirror.

And so, I went on with my entire head dyed,
a hairwash + 10-15 mins of hair treatment at the basin.

I was going to have a date with MrSalty the next day, so my hair stylist was super nice to style my hair for me. If I'm not wrong, it should cost $35 for hairstyling likewise to what I had.

The curls were deliberately tonged to be tight, so that they can last till the next day.
(I don't have pictures, but yea man, my hair looked super sexy the next day!) 

So that's me in Essensual Bugis's kimono style thingie. Super cute!

 TADAH!! This is my hairstylist, Wayne.
Told ya about his dressing!

And this is his assistant, Mervyn.
I think it's quite funny to have my friend wash my hair!!! 
But ya, he was super gentle with my extensions. So thumbsup!


Check out their latest promo:

241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (above Burger King)
Call 6333 0039 to make an appointment with Wayne

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Questions? Formspring them:
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Last picture for you! :)
(p.s. I love the dangling light bulb! They look sooo good on pictures!)

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