Friday, June 3, 2011

New friends! :)

I went to the 'Girls Only Smoochiezz Outing' last wednesday with a bunch of girls. :)

Though I am still very closely in touch with my current clique of girl and guy friends,
it is sometimes great to come out of the comfort zone and meet some new people! I was so pleased that everyone was so lovely and amiable! 

Just so you know, I hardly meet 'new people' from non-clubbing occasions. 
This is a huge step okay?


This is Jan
She's super cute! Gwad I look so old next to her. I ripped most of the pictures from her Facebook. Heh.

This is Rachell aka Pxdkitty. I LOVE this picture ttm. 
This shall be my new FB display.
Btw, she was the one who bothered to take the time and organise this outing for the girls. 
And did I forgot mention that I won the 'pxdkitty inspired makeup contest'? < That shall be for another entry.

Will upload another video soon.
Talk to y'all next time. Nights. :)

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