Friday, June 17, 2011

060411. Club Avatar.

I am super embarrassed for the lack of updates for the past two weeks. :(
So sorry people. Work is super hectic and energy draining. Okay, enough about my hiatus, enjoy this entry.

Just two weeks ago, I was invited to Club Avatar by their marketing team to grace their

For those of you who doesn't know, Avatar is located beside Marina Mandarin Hotel.
Click here for more information - Club Avatar Singapore

Avatar is a really new club (about 2 months old),
do give them your support and check the place out!

Avatar was super generous that night. All the bottles was on the house!
So I kinda invited my whole entourage with me. Wahaha. :) It was an awesome party.

I turned lobster red super quickly!

This is all I have to offer darlings.
Till my next entry, love!



  1. pretty, where did u get ur dress frm?

  2. Hi Anonymous, I got my dress from Fareast Plaza, basement.

  3. Hey joce, how is club avatar? Is the music n crowd good?

  4. Hi Anonymous, the music is fantastic. The crowd is different from the usual clubs though.

  5. Hi what do you mean that the crowd is diff from other clubs.