Saturday, June 25, 2011

CATS Classified Car-nival photoshoot.

If you have been follow my Twitter and Facebook Page, you should prolly know by now that I joined the CATS Classified Racequeen Contest and I got into the semi-finals! Yay. 
I was told that the winner will be walking away with S$2000 cash. The cash prize gna come in so handy man (that is if I were to win). So fingers crossed and hopefully I get to win something. :D

So here is all the Twelve of us who got into the semi-finals. Oh yes, I am the shortest. Heh.

Anyway, all of us were at Subaru for the Curvacious Photoshoot. Two girls will be featured on Straits Times Classified section every day from 1 July onwards. 
(p.s. My picture will be on the 4th July issue together with Valerie (4th girl from the left))

Before I proceed with more behind-the-scenes, 
please be informed that my makeup done by the makeup artist is fugly
Worst makeup artist ever. Period. 
(There was 3 makeup artist and I suay-suay got the lousy one.)

This is me bare faced! I think I rather look like this than to look like the coming pictures...

Lo and behold for my horrrrreeeendous eye makeup.
Please DO NOT despise me for looking like that.
I really don't want it either. :(

I am not being unprofessional here, but it really sucked! 
The organisers did gave me their words that the coming MUA will be better ones. They promised. :)

Here it is. :X

OMG, I know right. ;S
And this is already the 'improvised' version!
I overlaid brown on top on the Cheena lavender colour, filled in the HUGE gap between my lashline and the false eyelash and put on bottom mascara. 

Yes, it was FREAKing bad. It was disastrous! 
I think I have the right to be expressing my displeasure with the makeup now, cos 1) I wasn't paid 2) I gna be on Straits Times. 

Here you go. You're welcome. 
Don't ever let her draw on your face girls.  :)

This is Denise from SPH, she's like our baby-sitter! :)

This is the group of us that bonded better together! :)
Nice meeting you girls!! 

Can't wait to meet the girls the next time for catwalk 101 with the stage choreographer for the finals event. Only 8 of us will be selected. Let's keep our fingers crossed! 

That's all people, till next time!
Have a great weekend!


  1. u ain't very beautiful either

  2. DEar you look great in curly hair.. :)
    i am your reader and also one of your fans in ur fb page.
    i am here to tell you that i used one of your pic in this post for my blog.. i was writing an make up post.. and i am using the pic that showed there's a gap between your lashline and e fake eyelash for one of e example.. i didn't mentioned about your name but there is a reader asking about your blog address, can i tell?
    but if you really don't like i use your picture for e example i can delete it.
    I am sorry if i m troubling you.
    my blog add:

  3. Anonymous, why the fuck do you have to insult me? What's the point?

    Cheryl, yes you may use the picture, and do credit me, + let them know I didn't do that horrible makeup myself. :)

  4. haha.. yeah! okie! of coz!

    Jocelyn Kau: The anonymous must be very handsome or beatiful.. Pui!

  5. Jocelyn is pretty.