Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Andrea's Birthday Celebration.

Just two days back, I was invited to my friend Andrea's, 23rd Birthday Celebration.
I have to admit that it wasn't duper fun as I was feeling awfully dull from some boyfriend issues
(but I'm so glad that they are all ironed out already).

But anyways, I took some pictures, so why not share with y'all! :)

This is the birthday girl, Andrea! :) 

So, the above pictures were taken at ButterFactory.
Though Butter is fun on Wednesdays, Butter on Saturday is a lil off.

we stayed over at Andrea's so us drunkards could wake up in the morning to go for a picnic at Sentosa.


That's all from Saturday/Sunday.
I gna go watch somemore Gossip Girl. :)
Last picture for this entry!

Enjoy your week!


  1. Hi you look great. Can I know what camera you using? Thanks. :)

  2. Hi thanks. :) I am using Samsung EX1.