Friday, January 14, 2011

Party Rock feat. LMFAO and THE LUXY GIRLS at Wavehouse

I've mentioned a little about this awesome awesome event at the bottom of my previous blog entry.
I'm going to do a full coverage of the event details here!

Party is on Saturday January 22nd, 2011, doors open 8pm and closes at 3am.

Music: Hip-Hop, Electro, Bangers
Attire: Bikinis and Boardshorts
Age Restrictions: 18+ only

Don't know who LMFAO are?

Why not listen to some of LMFAO smash hits!
(I am so going to wear poka dot bikini to the party!!)

Visit their Youtube VEVO page [here].

LMFAO’s performance kicks off at 8pm sharp, and other acts including:

The salacious and sexy hip-hop vixen of Taipei’s notorious megaclub - Luxy. This is LUXY's second trip to Singapore. For those who were there when they were here the other time, it was freaking crazyyy!! They were so hot, even I was turned on!
Check out there event page [here].

Inquisitive (Zirca), DJ Funky Monkey (Filter), Nad-Trix (Filter) & Stas (Filter)

so much about the event showcase, you guys must be wondering about the tickets!

You can purchase the tickets online at this link: 
 at a discounted early bird presale price of S$48.

Leave a comment if you have questions!
Check out the Facebook event page [here] for more details.


  1. Will u be going? Would love to c u!

  2. Yes! I will be there! Do buy your tickets at the link!! :)

  3. I'm 16 &&&&& I'm a huge fan of LMFAO!!!!! Any chances of me getting in?

  4. It's a 18+ party! :( I'm afraid I can't help you. BUT, you can always borrow your friend's ID. LOL!! Just don't mention that it's me who taught you that!

  5. Yea I thought of doing that but what if I got bounced? :( There goes my $48/$58.. If I can get a guarantee entry me and my friends would definitely get tixxxxx! :D

  6. The party's ytd, you managed to get in? Lol!