Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LOLLIPOP with Jocelyn at Zirca + LMFAO tickets.

Gosh, I am super slow in updating on my blog. The ease of Facebook is seriously ripping my attention away from the good ol' blogger. To add on, my trusty laptop is reaching it's retirement age already. :( Sorry, but you're slow. hur

Anw, if you are an avid follower of my Facebook page, you've had prolly seen these pictures already.
(p.s. If you don't have a facebook or refuse to "like" my page for whatever reasons, 
you can still read the updates I have on my page from the plugin I have on the left side panel of my blog!! Good eh?)

Okay, I just have to rant a little about Photobucket before I get started with the supposed blog entry.
Photobucket is such a pain! Their bandwidth shit thingie I don't know what is so little, and they kept making me go Pro, and all photos turned crap once the Pro thing expires. And I have to pay again. Is this a way to do business; to make people frustrated!? NO?! I am so going to boycott photobucket nao. Okay enough.

(Click to see the details at my event page)
Vibe Presents: Lollipop Reinvented every Wed
at Zirca

Giant mega hugeass belvedere. Ooo..
I had the whole bottle to myself. Awesome drinker, I know.

Sally's my all time Zirca eyecandy. :) xoxo

Awww!!! This is Wilson. DJ Funky Monkey.
He is sooooo soooo soo cute.
He's now the resident DJ at Filter.

I look so out of place in this picture.
There the two hot girls giving smoldering sexy looks, and there I was with an act cute face.
No one cued me to look sexy D: lol.

This is my good friend Hendra(right) and his good friend Beaven.
He's been coming to my parties almost every Wednesday since a year back at ButterFactory.
We only got closer in recent months, and this buddy of mine just have to leave for Auzzie.
Miss him!!!

 This is Geraldine, but we call her G.
She's the SWEETEST girl I've ever seen, words can't describe how sweet she is.
She's Beaven's girlfriend. Taken. lol!
That's all folks! More pictures here. :)

But before I go, I have a little announcement to make.

Some of you might have prolly heard about the infamous LMFAO coming to Singapore, at

Click [here] to get the tickets online 
at a discounted presale price of S$48!
I'll do a proper introduction for this event (tomorrow or the day after),
so, for those who are already interested, you can purchase the tickets first!!

(Visit the Facebook event page here: PARTY ROCK FT. LMFAO & THE LUXY GIRLS)

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