Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just to set things straight!

Hi people,
I just want to set things straight, 
and iron out some of the doubts that you people are having.

  • Fiona is my blood sister
  • We are not quarreling now
  • We are "still friends"
  • We have different surnames as our parents divorced, and we'd split custody.

  • I am no longer friends with Audrey (the girl next door)
  • This has nothing to do with Fiona
  • Neither has this got anything to do with Mr Salty
  • Audrey is not Mr Salty's ex girlfriend
    (how can you people think that?! it's so insulting to Mr Salty, his exgf and I)

  • She spins lies and tells stories
  • Her actions hurt not only me, but some of my closest friends
  • I rather stop befriending her than to deal with her
  • I can't bring myself to trust her anymore

Okay enough said.
Cut me some slacks and quit asking alright?
Thanks people.


  1. Maybe you would like to ignore your formspring. Its meant for people to ask questions. If you are upset by the questions, don't read them.
    Same goes for other social media.

  2. Hey, I am not upset about the questions, just tired to be answering the same ol' questions. I love formspring! :D

  3. Huh so many people ask questions still but still none commented?

    Same goes for formspring. Most about sex sex sex, r/s, products, make up, sex sex sex....

    Not worried it will cheapen your image?
    Althought you can be open, not everyone thinks the same way.

  4. Be strong Joycelyn! what goes around, comes around. Telling stories will bring her no good in the long run, sure that "audrey" will suffer eventually.

    Do post more on your blog!! =D

  5. @J, Because I answered them on Formspring already. lol And most people formspring comments, rather than doing it on the blog itself. Given that I'm left with 500 over unique every day, your kind are quite scarce.
    Anw, why should I be worried about cheapening my image? I don't portray myself as a perfect role model, neither do I portray myself full of innocence and grace. I am just a very forthcoming person, and there's nothing wrong with that. To add on, no one can possibly please everyone. But what every can definitely do, is to please themselves. It pleases me to answer formspring question, and that alone is a good enough reason for me to kept answering them. :)

    @Anonymous, hey thanks! I'll post more when time permits!

  6. yah tht audrey is such a prick. she is all about god in her blog yet i heard she sleeps ard n sniffs glue frm her ex! is it true?

  7. @Kandice, well what can I say? :)

  8. Wow serious? that audrey sniffs glue? let's call the cop and let justice be served.

    Annonymous the second.

  9. since u were quite close to audrey... is it possible she had her boobs done or did something to them?? they look so diff from the past photo..

  10. sorry. may i ask the audrey u mention is "audrey lim"??

  11. she so gross, im glad tht nic is not with her anymore.

  12. Audrey lim is a slut. Simple as that.

  13. Anyway babe, rock on :)

    Keep posting! You look really great in those pics :D