Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Counting down: 37 days till end of school.

A short chit-chat blog entry before I leave the office for home. :)
I was studying hard at home a couple of hours ago, and decided that I need a break. So, I went grocery shopping at NTUC, and came up to my office to print some stuffs. There's still an hour to last bus home, so I shall update this space a little.

Anyway, main agenda of this chit-chat session is to inform y'all that I will bid my school farewell 37 days from now. And I absolutely can't wait! The examination time table is out, and my last paper will be on the 3rd of March. And then, it'll be BYE BYE SCHOOL. 

Honestly, I can't wait.
I've mentioned this many times on my Fanpage, that I can't wait for school to be over, and that I can enter the working adult kinda life. Most comments I've gotten thus far are people telling me how much school is better, and work life suck. And that I'll see myself sulking about work the rest of my life.

Nahh, I know myself well enough to know that what mentioned above will never happen to me.
I'll have to admit that I am monetarily driven, well, many of us are. So, putting effort working and stuff will pay off monetarily, but studying doesn't. It's sad to admit that I have very limited thirst for knowledge, as I often think it's waste of brain space (I know its wrong to think that way, but just let me - for now.) 

Alright, 3rd of March! I can almost smell you there. :)
Haha, okay I better head home before it gets late and I can't get up for tomorrow's test in the morning.


  1. Workg is very tough, but i knw u can make it. jyjy