Monday, October 11, 2010

White background.

Hello all! :) Notice the familiar white background? Yay! I am back home.
Judging from the date, I haven't been updating this space for 11days! Ohmygosh. Longest haitus ever.
Mr. Salty kept snatching time away from us (you and I), and keep me all to himself.
Sad face. So selfish eh?! Laughs.

Ohyah. Don't forget to wave hi to my 2 huge ass pimples!
They came out to play while I was stressing about exam papers.
Absolutely adorable.

OO, if you think that I look damn rabaak now (pictures was taken 5mins ago!).
(I just tired cleaning my frreakking dusty room, hence the tired/irritated/lackluster face.)
If you think that I look alright! That's great.
Coz, that's as worst looking as I can get. lalalllala~

Okay, talking nonsence.
I better go make some food for my tummy. It's noisy now.
I love cooking/eating at home!!!

And and, looking forward to see 小红 at 8pm!
She's coming to help me clean (I mean real deal heavy duty kinda CLEAN) my room!
I mean, $10/hr? I totally don't mind paying.
She does the job better than I do.




  1. lol! little red... @ ur house now? so where're u at. amk? or payalebar

  2. Yah. She left arnd 11+. At payalebah! Wah, she made my wardrobe S P A C I O U S ! Incredible!