Monday, October 18, 2010

Damn cheebong la ft. Formspring

I am at the topic of Formspring, steel.

Seriously. This is so much fun.
I mean, I really enjoy answer those questions.
And at the same time, helps you people to get to know me better. :)
These are some funny Formspring actions that I screenshot down to share with you people who are lazy to check on my Formspring.

This is honestly so WHAT THE IN THE.
I was being nice wanting to let her have the thrill of answering questions.
And she give me THIS KIND OF ANSWER!
Shouldn't she say.. "Darling meimei, I love the way you are..
Or something along the line.
What have hello panda nose!??

And I tried to disturb Shuana, who's quite active on Formspring.
And I forgot to check the anonymous button.
So duhhh...!
Damn kuku of me lo. :/

And I thought this was quite funny too.
Someone asked me this question anonymously.. 
You see.. There's an alarming increase in questions pertaining to my Pi Sai and I..

And it all started with this question..
Some far-nie person asked me this question on the first day of Formspring and me..
And subsequently, many Pi Sai questions sprung up from no where.
Lol. (And I have to admit that I've deleted a fair bit of too gross Pi Sai questions.)
No more Pi Sai questions okay?!

I put mine on a tissue and dispose them.
I am not sharing it with anyone!
It's PRICELESS, don't even think of purchasing 'em from me.
*insert mean and selfish face*

Have a great week ahead!

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