Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Advertorial - LovesCoach

Face it. We girls loves bags.
Like any other items, one is never enough.
And most girls are savvy about what's good and what's not.
Many might deny the fact that they love brands, but com'on..
We're talking about quality, durability, and warranty for our leather goods here.

Well, some girls might not be able to afford expensive high end luxury bags,
but every girl need a hardly durable bag that looks good.
And for 'em to come out of a magazine is an additional plus!

Today, I am introducing LovesCoach Singapore to y'all!
The items at LovesCoach is 100% authentic and brand new with tag, authenticity card and gift receipt/photocopy of original receipt. Direct from Coach and Katespade factory in USA.
(p.s. They are not rejected goods.)

And how can I be so sure?
That's because,
I ordered a Darien Large Gladys in Lemon from the Kadespade website through LovesCoach.

 And I love it to the max.
Stylish and all! Fantastic. :)

 Personal delivery to stated address in Singapore for orders S$200 and above. How cool is that?!
LovesCoach is really doing their best to ensure that your orders reach you safely.
Meet up/self collection for all other amounts (Not via registered mail).
So you can always inspect the item on the spot.
 Rest assure! You babes are in safe hands.

LovesCoach assumes all responsibility of lost items during shipment
and full refund/replacement will be made.
 How awesome. No risk on us consumers!
Cheers to that.

Honestly, I bring this bag EVERYWHERE. :)
From work to party to shopping.
It's hardy, durable, and I absolutely love the gorgeous colour.

This is the true colour of the bag! Isn't it pretty?
It came with the familiar green Kadespade card.
I knew I'm getting the real deal immediately!
Moreover it is selling at affordable and lower prices than Coach and Katespade in Singapore!


There are limited pieces per design and colour.
And new items are updated periodically.

My top 3 picks of the current items that they carry are..
*drum roll*

First - Coach Kristin Op Art Hobo #14911 - S$312

Second - KS basic nylon neda - S$156

Third - Kate Spade Bay Street lisa - S$133

For those you are closing in touch with the prices at Kadespade and Coach stores will be screaming

So what are you waiting for?
Visit them today!

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