Thursday, March 4, 2010

Puma Da Mouth Fashion Show + Rebel.

I was really an honour to receive the invites to this Puma Fashion Show by the organisers.
It's like the "social thingie" and many "sociable" people where there.
Manage to bump into quite a number of familiar faces. =]

Da Mouth, which many people know them as 大嘴巴 was there to open the show!
Fanatics were so crazy over Da Mouth's, "la ji, la ji, la ji"~
Personally, I don't know any songs sung by them,
but I got to admit that their energy was really cohesive with the branding of Puma.

 Extended the invite to Shuana! =)
She's such a darling to attend the show with me despite asking her in the lastest minute.

 Lousy camera.
I crashed my Cybershot remember?
Sigh, I'm left with no choice but this make shift camera.
IT show!!

Photo attempt #1.
Goody hampers were given out when the show was over.
 I realised that the hamper baggy was backfacing,
so I forced Shuana to take another shot. Heh.
(P.s. Please take notice of my ultra chio Red Mary Janes. I did deep red lips to match those heels!)

Picture attempt #2.
Can't see those lovely heels!

The goody hamper they gave out consist of, 
the cap which we were wearing and 5 postcards.
Hmm, not very generous eh?


And yep, Winnie did go to the event.
After the show ended. Duhhh..
So we grabbed a cab and headed down to Rebel.




 Various camwhore pictures of Winnie.

It was such a pity that I didn't manage to get a shot of my eye makeup.
I had my eyeliner drawn in an Egyptian inspired way.

 It was also Audrey's Birthday. ^^.
My present for her is in the mail!

We don't really look alike as we used to when I have coloured hair..

 Acting cool.

 Being crazy suits me better.

I know my hair is patchy.
But it's fixed already. =)

 And the night ended with all the sore feets from shuffling. =]
Winnie, Audrey and I are the rare few babes that shuffle.
Cool, I know.

Can't wait for the next meetup. ^^
Babes, I am having holidays!

For the rest of the pictures, click : 260310. Puma Da Mouth Fashion show + Rebel.

 (P.s. I wrote this entry twice. Annoyed. )

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