Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello people.

I am still in the midst of being busy. =/ I got to start mugging all over again for my upcoming exam (Tuesday). Remember the one which I took a MC because I had an upset stomach. Yep, that paper. I shall really stay focus and get it over and done with. Then, I'll promise you many many fantastical entries. =) Till then, I will be uploading pictures from my iPhone to my blog whenever I'm on the bus/shitting/walking/waiting/eating. Hope that you peeps love those pictures! ^^
Wish me luck for my Fundamentals of Investment! =)

Ooh, I want to share a piece of good news with y'all. I got for all 3 castings that I went this week. Superbly happy. So this means that, more pictures of other pretty girls to share with y'all!

Oops, forgot to mention, I'll be uploading new photoshoot pictures on my Fanpage. Do join and participate on my page!~


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