Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mabelline casting entry

I draft up this entry 2 weeks back for a casting. Apparently, I didn't manage to clinch the job. They were unable to give me the remuneration that I asked for. Ahhwells, I shan't allow this entry to go to waste. =]

Makeup and Fashion

 Animal Prints 
 Animal prints are made famous by our infamous Ris Low.
Though you might be associated with this character when wearing prints,
but who cares when prints really do give out the wild and sexy vibe.
Just remember not to pair it with green khaki pants!

Harem pants
 What I absolutely love about Harem pants is that,
not only does it make you effortlessly chic,
it helps to conceal weight gains on the thighs!

Chunky Red Heels
 Harem pants and chunky red heels.
Bold enough to catch the limelight!

Turtle necks
 Black turtle neck is an essential in anyone's wardrobe.
Simple yet highly fashionable.

The Eye of Ra
For those who are familiar with ancient Egyptian symbols,
would probably seen this before.
I took it several notches down,
and drew my eyes with liner inspired by this sacred symbol.

Matt Red lips
 But remember to choose a lipstick with a warmer tint,
as cold tints tend highlight the yellowness in the teeth.
You wouldn't want that to be caught on camera!

 MichellePhan aka RiceBunny,
is one of the most influential makeup guru in the net!
Totally love all the tips she gives.


 Located in the heart of Clarke Quay,
this clubs plays a fair much of the mainstream trance music.
Though it might not be extremely popular amongst many,
I love the vast amount of space on the dance floor!

ThaiClub situated at Orchard Plaza level 5.
This place flood of pretty Thai girls,
and awesome live band and stage performances!

Media and Culture

Jack Neo
 Check out my entry regarding this issue,

Just recently, I subscribed to Failblog's channel on Youtube.
Do check them out!
They are extremely hilarious!!

The Book of Eli
 This is the movie that I must watch.
I undoubtedly love the acting of Danzel Washington.
There isn't any movie of him that disappoint me.

The Lovely Bones
  This would be another movie that I will catch.
The contrast of the title and the genre of the movie is so intriguing!
Definitely not to be missed.

Much Ado about Nothing
 This is the Shakespeare play that I studied for during my Literature Os.
Though there are snippets of conspiracy in the play,
it is a comedy worth a read!

McChicken head?
 Watch : McChicken Head.

Other stuff
Men that I like
I like dark haired men with thick eyebrows,
who give subtle smile that cork to a side.

Not to eat, but to be put onto my face!
Check out this cheap DIY method - click.

I can't live without my iPhone!
Do I still need to explain much?? ^^

I love Facebook
If I can only go to one website when I come online,
it would be Facebook.

 My current f a v o u r i t e iPhone application.
Really addictive game!

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