Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Jack Neo saga.

Regarding, Singapore's Foreign Minister George Yeo.

To summarize this episode,
This George Yeo person, which supposedly be a role model of fellow Singaporeans actually gives his support to Jack Neo.

I was like whatthefuck when I read the article whist shitting. (Okay, too much details) Honestly, I felt really upset upon reading it. Adding on, the day before (Monday 8th Mar), was International Women's Day.(Audrey, Celeste and I each received a stalk of red rose while shopping in town). Where's his respect for women as a whole? How offensive. George Yeo's support for Jack Neo must as well be deem as his support for extra-marital affair.

Ugh, how it disgusts me.
Freaking no respect.

I mean, it is not RARE/SURPRISING for people to get involve in extra-marital affairs (Tiger Woods).. But hey? Agreeing and supporting to it, given the status of a Minister of a country is a huge deal!!! What the hell was this old man thinking!? Is he suggesting that he too partakes in such an act?

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(Alright, I know this news is already a day old, 
but I just ought to blog about it!
Apparently, it was an article in Tuesday 9th Mar edition of ST Life! 

Click here, to read the online version.)

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