Sunday, August 2, 2009

General update

Hey! How's everyone?! Hope that y'all are following my Twitter yea? Been updating my tweets quite alot!

Anyway, feel so unsatisfying that my laptop and my cybershot phone is spoiled. Rah! And these days are so hectic! There's so many things on my TO-DO and I-MUST-DO list. And the absence of my previous phone and my laptop is seriously making me disorientated.

Honestly, do y'all feel frustrated/annoyed to see me blog about my sad laptop ALWAYS? Eh, well, I DO! So ANGRY LOR! *hyperventilate*.

Anyway, motive of this entry is just to let y'all know that I'm still alive and kicking! =)

Some CAMWHORE pictures I took last last Tuesday before a photoshoot.
(Note: I HARDLY camwhore alright? I know most blog readers will go, "Ughh!.." when bloggers post millions of camwhore pictures of themself. So, it's just few pictures. Bear with it!)

Alright alright.
Shall end!


More pictures to come.

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