Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eh, I angry.

I'm LAGI pissed off sial!

Ryan (Charlotte's boyfriend), texted Rayner few days back,
asking him what happened to me, as

I kept getting wasted recently.

And texted me the day after, asking what happened between Rayner and I.
Refusing the reason of us being not together,
insisting that there's more to it, and I am in a better position to tell him than Rayner.

Fuck. All so gossipy and stuff.
Utterly disgusted.

No wonder Rayner texted me saying, not to get too drunk.
And I thought he texted the wrong person.

And just in case you people really think I kept getting wasted.
  • 08Aug - Rayner's birthday celebration
  • 25Jul - Alicia's birthday celebration
  • 11Jul - My birthday celebration
  • 13Jun - Clubbing with Alicia

Oi, this is kept getting wasted meh?! Wasn't even drunk on ALL occasions.

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