Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alicia's birthday! =)

(All pictures are grabbed from Alicia's page)

I was invited to her Birthday Celebration.
Finally Cheryl, Alicia and myself are 18! Hoho!

Alicia's so funny,.. I shall quote her description for this picture..
"2nd picture v funny... cos Audrey, Jocelyn & me are around the same height. But Audrey wore heels, I tiptoe-ed a little, & Jocelyn did nothing so she look shortest! "

And this is my gift for her!
Don't you dare think it's small and insignificant alright? Apparently, she loves it!

"Hiakhiakhiak... Jocelyn's gift for me. I soooooooo super love it please!
Oh baby I wish I could kiss you
I love my parents gift best...
... and Jocelyn's gift next best!"

Then, we got ready to hit the club.
Alicia tried my high high high heels.
And, I was really nice to sacrifice myself to stand beside her.

Off to party~

Darling girl, really happy you like my gift for you. =)
Please do not abuse hor!



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