Saturday, August 22, 2009

friendly profile picture and a really nice smile...

Since I'm in the streak of being an angry person, the following guy is very unlucky.

You know, girls who are good looking, better than average looking, or in fact, slightly better than average looking, will have guys trying to hit on them in the net. Especially social networking sites. The trick is to do the "can intro please thingie" tastefully.

Most guys would say

Hi, would like to make some new friends. You are so (insert flattery).

To be honest, I never ever reply to those. Well, maybe once or twice. When I am in a very anal mood. I'll reply just a word; No. And yes, I do feel better after doing it. Hah!

Anyway, as I was saying,
just as I logged onto Facebook awhile ago, I saw new inbox messages.

I clicked on the latest, and this was what I saw,

Note that he said, friendly profile picture and a really nice smile.

Can someone tell me, does...

look friendly with a nice smile?

(P.s. I thought that this is too lame to be left unblogged. Lol! Please do not "di siao" that guy. I don't even know where he come from. )

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